Soteria System

The Future Exit Sign

The Safepro Technology Soteria System is the exit sign of the future. As an emergency evacuation system, our patented detection, shelter-in-place, and laser safety guidance system is the all in one solution to protecting and saving lives in dangerous events (i.e. active shooters, fires, etc.).

The ceiling-mounted integrated laser projection and shot detection system determines the location of the threat, alerts occupants, guides them in a safe direction via dynamic graphic directional images, separates them from danger, and directs first responders to neutralize the active shooter.

How The Emergency Evacuation System Works

Immediate Action

Effective alarm and response system provides notification of the threat (i.e. gun shot, fire, etc.) 

Visual Direction

Eliminates the reliance on human judgment and separates innocent from danger, avoid chaos, speeds up evacuation, and reduces casualties. 


Facilitates immediate safe lockdown of rooms when the individuals cannot be guided safely away from the threat. 

First Responders

Guides first responders towards the threat so that it can be neutralized as quickly as possible. 


Schools, stadiums, office buildings, hospitals, cruise lines, airports, government buildings, event spaces, and indoor public spaces can install Safepro Technologies’ shot detection and laser guidance system to isolate an active shooter and safely guide individuals away from harm. 



Office Buildings


Cruise Lines


Government Buildings

First Responders



Provides a quick, safe, and effective alarm and response system. Alerts occupants of threat and type. 

Realtime Guidance

Realtime visual guidance to make the safest decisions and move away from danger.


Guides occupants to safety and creates separation between the innocent and the dangerous threat. 


Guidance to make life saving decisions in a stressful situation.

What Our Prospects Are Saying

Paul has demonstrated what I like to see in every entrepreneur, passion and follow through! The Safepro Technologies System, to my knowledge, is the only system being developed for the purpose of actively directing potential victims, in the moment, away from the threat and directing law enforcement toward the active shooter in an effort to minimize casualties to the greatest extent possible. Personally, I would feel a greater degree of comfort knowing that when my family goes to work or school each day that there is a better chance of them returning home safely because the SafePro Technologies System is installed.
Mark Johnson
Executive Director