Our Story

With 21 years of experience in law enforcement and public safety, Paul L. Eckert has the hands-on knowledge to develop a security system to help protect the innocent and first responders in dangerous crisis situations.

Throughout his career, Paul has been a part of several specialty units including search and recovery (Dive Team). Paul is also an instructor in the areas of Defense and Arrest Tactics, Civil Disturbance Control, and Active Shooter Response. His experiences in the field have given him the knowledge to identify concerns with current public safety measures and identify ways to improve upon them.

Paul established Safepro Technologies with the purpose of pursuing and implementing new safety technology in all fields of public and private safety. Safepro Technologies is on a mission to save lives through immediate action, separation, and response.



Uphold the virtues of honesty, respect, and accountability. 


Saves lives through immediate action, safe separation, & response.


Leverage technology to bring public safety into the 21st century. 


Dedicated to protecting the innocent & supporting first responders. 


Company Founded

Paul L. Eckert strives to bring public safety into the 21st century. Paul is motivated to protect his own children in public spaces as well as the innocent and first responders. 

Joined Innovation Center

In 2018, Safepro Technologies became a member of the Whitewater University Innovation Center, that provides coaching and programming to take his startup to the next level. 


In January 2020, the first functional prototype was installed at the Whitewater University Innovation Center as a proof of concept demonstration site. 

Patent Approval

In August 2020, Safepro Technologies was patent approved by the US Patent Office. 

Gener8tor Accelertor

In September 2020, Safepro Technologies was accepted into Gener8tor’s Startup Accelerator, a nationally ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups. 


Paul Eckert


Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Ph.D.


Robert Austin



Software Development Partner 

What Our Prospects Are Saying

As a former elementary principal, secondary director of teaching and learning, and the director of an educational asset, I would have felt safer and better equipped to protect my educational communities’ with SafePro installed. I believe that my fellow school administrators along with the other stakeholders would be in full support of the SafePro Technologies system if they were able to interact and understand its capabilities. Also, as a parent, I believe my children would be safe and more equipped to evacuate under the stress of a threatening situation with Safepro Technologies installed.
Brenda Vogds
Director of the Institute for Personalized Learning