Welcome to Safepro Technologies

Our Mission

To bring public safety into the 21st century.


Explore new ways of using technology to ensure public safety in high risk scenarios.

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Transform ideas into reality. Provide new levels of protection for people in our local communities and in the public sector workforce.

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Partner with leading minds in new product development to design working solutions to solve tough problems.

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I have 21 years of experience in law enforcement and public safety.  Throughout my career I have been a part of several specialty units including search and recovery (Dive Team).  I’m also an instructor in the areas of Defense and Arrest Tactics, Civil Disturbance Control, and Active Shooter Response.  My experiences in the field have given me the knowledge to identify concerns with current public safety measures and identify ways to improve upon them.  I founded Safepro Technologies with the purpose of pursuing and implementing new safety technology in all fields of public and private safety.  I am a motivated inventor/entrepreneur who brings safety ideas to life.