Saving Lives Through Immediate Action, Safe Separation, and Response

Active Shooter Response Technology

Approximately 70% of active shootings last 5 minutes . There is no immediate help available for innocent bystanders during an active shooter event.  To overcome this problem, Safepro Technologies is developing an active shooter response technology. As an emergency evacuation system for dangerous events, the Soteria System will save lives through immediate action,  safe separation, and response during an active shooter incident .

Immediate Action

The Soteria System alerts occupants of the threat through audio and visual ques.

Safe Separation

The Soteria System guides occupants along safe routes and separates them from the threat.

Responder Response

The Soteria System directs first responders to the threat. 

Active Shooting Statistics

69.8% of active shooting incidents lasted fewer than 5 minutes.


The average response time for first responders is 4 to 11 minutes.

In an active shooting event, a fatality occurs every 7 seconds.

70% of active shooter incidents occurred in either business or educational environments.




About Safepro Technologies

Allow me to create an image in your mind.  You or your loved ones are in a public building.  Suddenly, a loud noise startles you. What was that noise? Were those gunshots? Panic ensues. What do you do? Where do you go? The sound ricochets off the walls making it difficult to tell which way the shots are coming from. Tears, screams, shots fired, chaos….  No one knows what direction to take to safety.  You can only hope that help arrives soon!

The problem is: 

  • In stressful situations, people lose the ability to think rationally and safely.
  • Most active shooter situations have ended before law enforcement even gets there, which increases casualties.
  • In schools, teachers aren’t trained to be tactical nor do they want to be. They want to be teachers!
Our active shooter response technology is designed to save lives  through immediate action,  safe separation, and response.

Safety Videos

What Our Prospects Are Saying

"As the Director of Facilities, Grounds, & Safety for this school district, I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is for me to potentially have this system in place. In the heat of the moment, a system such as this would be incredible to utilize and knowing we have it would definitely give me a feeling of safety."
Brandon Loomer
Director of Facilities, Grounds, and Safety